About Us

Members of staff of the Center for International Education and Exchange

Keiko Okumura

奥村 圭子(おくむら けいこ) In charge of Pre-sessional Training for Courses 
(Professor, Room 216, B-1, Kofu Campus, 055-220-8152)
ex. 8152
E-mail kokumurayamanashi.ac.jp

I joined the Center in 2003 October. Although I was a city lover for a long time, I have become very sensitive to the seasonal characteristics of the beautiful natural environment here in Kofu . 

At the Center, I have been involved in Japanese intensive pre-sessional course for international graduate students and the pre-intermediate Japanese classes for undergraduate students. I have been also in charge of the subject,
“Inter-cultural Communication” offered to both Japanese and international students. I have found the group dynamics created among the participants amazingly fascinating.I sincerely hope that all of the international students to keep in good health in order to spend a comfortable student life here in Yamanashi.

At the same time, I would also like to encourage Japanese students to gain as many inter-cultural contacts, experiences and as much inter-cultural understanding as they can during their university days either in or outside ofJapan. I hope this will lead to enhancing their self-awareness and solving any inter-personal problems which they might face. Let us create together a symbiotic community advantageous to both international and Japanese students. 

Kazuko Miyamoto

In charge of Counseling and Cultural Exchange Section
(Professor, Room 8607, 6F, Education Research Building for the School of Nursing, Medical School Campus, 055-273-8299)
ex.  2711
E-mail mkazukoyamanashi.ac.jp

Hello, I am Kazuko MIYAMOTO. I arrived at the University of Yamanashi in April, 2015. I am responsible for teaching community nursing to nursing students and supporting international students at the Medical School campus.
I worked and conducted my research in Cambodia from 2000 to 2007. I have been visiting there once or twice a year even now. I found the life in a different culture very exciting, although it was sometimes difficult to cope with. Applying these experiences, I would like to support international students, as well as encouraging Japanese students to gain intercultural experiences. 


Tetsuya Esaki

In charge of Japanese Language and Japanese Studies
(Associate Professor, Room 219, B-1, Kofu Campus,  055-220-8752)
ex. 8752
E-mail esakityamanashi.ac.jp

I arrived at the University of Yamanashi in September, 2005. I am responsible for teaching Japanese to international students and specialise in Phonetics and Japanese Language Education.

Since I lived in Osaka for a long time, life in Yamanashi has been a source of new inter-cultural experiences for me every day. I presume that international students have the same kind of experiences as me while living in Japan. If you have any troubles, please come to Cafe Esaki at any time. I will be there, preparing a nice cup of coffee or tea to serve you.

Takae Ito


In charge of Counseling and Cultural Exchange Section
(Associate Professor, Room 220, B-1, Kofu Campus,  055-220-8753)
ex.   8753
E-mail takaeiyamanashi.ac.jp

Hello, I am Takae Ito, the person responsible for the Counselling and Cultural Exchange Section, as well as teaching Japanese to international students. I offer the international students guidance and consultations related to any aspect of life as a University of Yamanashi student, for example, study or personal issues, in my office, Room Y-305.

As an international student living and studying in Japan, which could differ from your home country, you may meet something unfamiliar or puzzling and may have worries related to human relationships. It is important for you as an international student to go and talk to the academic advisor or good friends about your problems. The International Student Center is also always open for you and you are
welcome to visit us, as well as we too are there to help you.

I would also like to be actively involved in the activities with Japanese students and the local community. I would like to work together with you to make your student life at the University a more fulfilling experience.