July 29, 2019 

Director, Academic Affairs Support Department
Preventive Measures of the COVID-19 Infection at Restaurants and Other Commercial Facilities
Everyday, the number of people who are newly infected is widely reported in the media. We can see several characteristics in the current situation: younger people in their twenties are infected more likely than others, and the infection is more likely to occur while people are in the eating and drinking places. In Yamanashi, some cases of infection are reported these days as well. The COVID-19 pandemic has not over yet, therefore we need to keep on taking the preventive measures such as below: 
(1) Avoid three Cs: Closed, Crowded, and Close 
(2) Wear face masks, wash your hands, disinfect your surroundings, and ventilate the places you are in 
(3) Not to speak in a loud voice 
(4) Utilize apps such as COCOA(COVID-19 Contact Confirmation App) 
If you feel unwell, please feel free to consult with your supervisor or staff member of the university.



 Dear International students,

Because of the COVID-19 situation and torrential rain these days, we have been experiencing many unprecedented things these days. You may suffer from financial problems with the reduced income from your part-time job. Also, we have more rainy days than usual this year therefore hear the news of flooding and landslide a lot. 
Do you have any troubles or worries in your studying or living in Yamanashi such as financial issues or any problems due to the COVID-19, or heavy rainfall these days?   
If so, please feel free to contact with Consultation Room for International Students or Office of International Affairs (for Kofu Campus students) or Academic Affairs Division (for Medical Campus students).
●Consultation Room for International Students, Kofu Campus:
B1-220, 2nd floor, B1 Bldg.
Adviser: Takae Ito (associate professor)
●Office of International Affairs, Kofu Campus: 
B1-222, 2nd floor, B1 Bldg.
Phone: 055-220-8047/8373 
●Medical Affairs Division, Medical Campus: 
1st floor, Administration Building
Phone: 055-273-9342 
Both offices below are open: Monday through Friday 8:30 to 17:00 

The employment guidance for international students (who are scheduled to complete their academic works on 2021) was held during the lunch break of July 10th.

The guidance is implemented at this time of year with the cooperation of the career center of our university.

Eight students with different study fields/grades had participated to the guidance to learn the flow/characteristic of Japanese job hunting.

We will continue supporting our international students by using individual consultation tailored to each student's needs and situation.


Dear international students,

On July 1, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has enacted the amendatory law (Law No. 16 of Reiwa 2) of the Act on Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control. The law strengthened the penalties for violations of import/export quarantine regulations. In order to prevent ASF (African swine fever) from entering Japan, follow the measures below:
1.Bringing pork, beef, chicken, eggs, etc. (including processed products such as sausage and jerky; and meat-containing foods such as meat buns, dumplings, and others) to Japan from overseas is prohibited by law. Neither the quantity or form of transport (carry-on, luggage or mail) matters. 
2.To violate the law, you may be subject to penalties such as 3 years or less imprisonment or a fine of 3 million yen or less (50 million yen or less for a corporation).
3.Not only yourself but also your family members and friends coming to Japan should avoid bring in any food containing meat, eggs and others. Also, you are responsible that they should not send those items to Japan by post. 
For further Information:
・Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: on African swine fever
・Animal Quarantine Service: multilingual pamphlets are available
・On animal quarantine
・Information on the animal quarantine system:

 2020年6月26日(金)に「African Culture Day」を開催しました。


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