Student Support/Advising and Counseling

Scholarships for international students

Scholarships for private international students

  • This is for students who are recognized as excellent students and require financial assistance while they are enrolled in University.
  • Scholarship student will receive Scholarship from Japan Student Services Organization through University.  The monthly amount is 48,000yen for undergraduate and graduate students. (the year of 2016)
  • It is notified from each faculty of the student affairs group or the person in charge of International Student with CNS etc., in around the middle of April every year, and apply them according to the instruction of the person in charge of each faculty. 

Private Scholarships

  • The following table (PDF) shows the the scholarships which the University students can apply for. For more details, please see the announcements on CNS. Please refer and confirm guideline for applicants before your application.
  • As the deadline in the University can be much earlier than the one for the foundation, please pay attention to the deadline.

Foundation List of Scholarship