Student Support/Advising and Counseling

Campus Life

Campus Life

Announcement from the University to students (such as cancellation of a class, change in class schedule, and messages)are made through the campus information system (YINS-CNS) on the Web.
Please make sure to check YINS-CNS every day.

-The Consultation room-
The consultation room for international students has been available. When you have something to talk, regarding your study, life and the relationship with members of academic staff and friends, or when you need someone's help, please do not hesitate to visit the Room B1-220.

tel & fax) 055-220-8753

-Related sections to the student consultation-
Health Care Center: 055-220-8081
A student counselor's office: 055-220-8051
Career Center: 055-220-8319
The consultation regarding campus harassment: 055-220-8744

-The information about the study registration and the college life-
The information about the study registration: “A student manual”
The information about the university life: “Student life guidance”
The information about the Alien Registration and Classification of Registration: “Guidebook for International students”


-International Student House and other dormitories-
The University of Yamanashi has International Houses near Kofu campus and on Medical (Med.) Campus as dormitories for international students and researchers.
Kofu International student House has 33 single rooms, 1 room for a couple and 1 room for a family.
Med. Campus International Student House has 12 single rooms, 6 rooms for couples, and 5 rooms for families.
Selection of residents to these facilities is performed by the criterion set by the University of Yamanashi.
In addition, the International Student House Annex, Kaiji-bunkan, has 5 single rooms.
Contact the Office of International Affairs or Student Affairs Division (Med. Campus) for more details, regarding International Houses.

-Private accommodations-
When looking for an apartment, please contact the University Co-op Office.

For International students who cannot find a guarantor when renting an apartment, the University of Yamanashi (Dean for undergraduate students, academic advisors for research students and graduate school students) will be a guarantor with the condition of being insured by the “Comprehensive Renters Insurance for International students studying in Japan (\4,000 for a year, \8,000 for 2 years) ”offered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES).
The application for the insurance is available at the Office of International Affairs.

Health Care

-Regular health examination-
Regular health examination must be taken. The schedule will be announced on YINS-CNS, etc.

-Health consultation-
When you have something to talk, regarding your physical or mental matter and problem, please do not hesitate to visit the Health Care Center.

Health Care Center (Kofu campus): 055-220-8081
Health Care Center (Med. campus): 055-273-9312
University of Yamanashi Hospital: 055-273-1111

Part-time Jobs

Students holding a student visa will be permitted to have a part-time job by applying for permission of activities other than the status of residence at the Immigration Bureau.
The University will apply for a permission of activities other than that permitted by the status of residence for the students. Please request to the Office of International Affairs.

Number of hours should not exceed the hours indicated below and should not disrupt your study.

 (1) Regular Students and Non-regular Student: Up to 28 hours/week
 (2)  In both cases, students are permitted to work for 8 hours/day during the long-term vacations (Summer, Winter, and Spring).

It is prohibited by law for international students to work in the sex or gambling industries.