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The Interchange

Social Gathering for International Students and Researchers

This annual event which is hosted by the President is held aiming at mutual understanding among the international students and researchers, university staff and community representatives.


The Interchange between International Students and the Local People

  • Home stay/Home visit program
    You will have a chance to visit or stay with a local Japanese family for deepening the understanding of the Japanese culture and the interchange with the Japanese family.
    The application procedure will be announced on YINS-CNS.
  • Cultural Exchange with Local People at the Dormitory
    In the autumn or winter season, this annual cultural exchange event is held at Kofu International Residence Hall for the purpose of interchanging food culture and enjoyable talk with the local people in the Iwakubo area.


The Interchange between International Students and Japanese Students

  • Field Trip                                                                                                                                              Field trip is carried out on 2 days schedule every year. Destination is decided by international students. They visit sightseeing spots and experience Japanese culture. Several Japanese students accompany the trip and prepare a travel guide book in advance, and deepen their friendship through supporting international students.


  • “Nashi Uni International Committee on Exchange (NICE)”-                                                                  The group of “Nashi Uni International Committee on Exchange (NICE)” has a purpose to expand the cultural exchanges between international students and Japanese students. They organizes lunch parties, discussion sessions, and some other events. If you are a student of the University of Yamanashi, you can join the NICE.