Student Support/Advising and Counseling

Guidance and Consultation for International Students

If you have any worries regarding learning methods, please consult with your academic advisor or members of the  Center for International Education and Exchange.

Office Hour

The first semester, Timetable of Office hour

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

I.  8:45~10:15


II. 10:30~12:00



Ito     Okumura   

IV. 14:45~16:15

Ito   Ito    

V.  16:30~18:00


Okumura: B1-216                        055-220-8152

Miyamoto:  8607, 6th Floor, School of Nursing    055-273-8289

Esaki: B1-219                             055-220-8752

Ito: B1-220                                                 055-220-8753

The Consultation Room for International Students

The consultation room for International Students has been available. When you have something to talk, regarding your study, life and the relationship with members of academic staff and friends, or when you need someone's help, please do not hesitate to visit the Room Y305.

tel & fax) 055-220-8753

Health Care

-Regular health examination-
Regular health examination must be taken. The schedule will be announced on YINS-CNS, etc.

-Health consultation-
When you have something to talk, regarding your physical or mental matter and problem, please do not hesitate to visit the Health Care Center.

Health Care Center (Kofu campus): 055-220-8081
Health Care Center (Med. campus): 055-273-9312
University of Yamanashi Hospital: 055-273-1111


Tutoring service is available to support study and campus life of International Students.
Please consult with your academic advisor if you need a tutor.