Student Support/Advising and Counseling

Studying Abroad (for Abroad)

1.  Student Exchange Programs
The University of Yamanashi has a range of Student Exchange Programs with the universities in the world. The exchange programs may allow you to complete one or two semesters of your degree at the partner university.

Most programs are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students. You may also be able to have the results obtained at the partner university and they may be credited towards your degree at the University of Yamanashi.
【List of partner Universities】

2. Summer and Spring Language&Culture Programs (+ Job Shadowing)
If you are thinking of developing English language proficiency or if you would like to experience the foreign cultures for one month or so, these programs would be most suitable for you. The programs are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or China and each program has its own features respectively, therefore, we would like you to choose the one suitable for your needs.
【List of programs】

If you are interested in any of these programs, please feel free to come to the Office of International Affairs (B1-222) or contact Ms. Okumura (ex. 8152, B1-216, B1 Building